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Lostock Hall Roll of Honour



Course of the War

Lostock Hall men

June 28

Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand

August 4

Germany invades Belgium and Britain declares war on Germany

August 23 - September 5

Retreat from Mons

British and French forces are forced back but manage to halt the German advance along the River Marne

August 31 - September 7

Recruitment of the Preston Pals, 7Bn of the Loyal North Lancs Regt., including a number of men from Lostock Hall

September 12 - 15

Battle of the Aisne

For the first time, the Germans are forced to retreat.  They dig in and trench warfare begins.

September 15 - November 24

The 'Race to the Sea'

The Germans attempt to regain the initiative by pressing their attacks north, in Flanders.

September 23

In an attack on German trenches at Pilkem near Ypres, 1Bn Loyal North Lancs took over 600 prisoners but lost 6 officers and 178 other ranks, including John Bennett, the first man from Lostock Hall to lose his life.

October 14 - November 2

First Battle of Ypres

Despite superiority in numbers the Germans were unable to take the strategically important town of Ypres.  Winter brought hostilities to a halt.

Henry Gibson joined the army under an alias, Henry Wilson.  He had previously fought in South Africa.  He landed with 1Bn Loyal North Lancs in August, fought on the Marne and the Aisne, and was killed near Ypres on 31 October.

December 25

Troops on both sides of the Western Front observed an unofficial truce.  Such fraternisation was banned in 1915 and would never be repeated.